At WTE, our core business has always been to provide unique, high-quality OEM services for the important world-class bus companies and major equipment manufacturers; of which many we are not authorized to disclose. Our mainstream experience centers on the manufacturing of complex mechanical equipment and parts, and delivering within budget and time-constraints. We have gained years of OEM, out-sourcing and sub-contractor experience through the trust and recognition of European equipment manufacturers and international engineering firms by establishing confidential NDA partnerships, and working through technology transfer. 

Additionally, we also offer local sourcing services for materials, parts, equipment and sub-contractors.

WTE also has a wide local distribution net-work for equipment and industrial products and parts. Our facilities for local in-house assembling and testing which are equally complimented by our sub-contracting capacities. Whether assembling from “flat-pack” or fabricating to drawings we are versatile in meeting your demands and special needs.