Wang Tung Engineering (WTE) specializes in custom parts for various corporations, public utilities and equipment manufacturers. We utilize a variety of mostly, advanced CNC-aided machinery to meet the stringent quality demands and production volumes. Our products are used in public transportation vehicles, ranging from structural framework to the powder-coated handrails, metal spare parts, and bespoke metal casting components. For over fifty years, the name Wang Tung has been synonymous with fine quality and precision-finished machined components. Our CNC machining services are able to satisfy the stringent standards and needs of our worldwide customers and we offer a variety of solutions to serve your production requirements. We can produce high or low volume precision components, high strength alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum and an extensive range of assemblies. WTE constantly seeks for faster and less costly methods to produce top quality parts. We believe in improved production through innovative technology and better equipment. We strive to build our integrity with our dedication to satisfy customers’ needs and to deliver “ON-TIME & WITHIN BUDGET”.

If you need it now and need it right, WTE is your practical solution.