Our versatile fabrication skills and vast experience have satisfied customers around the world with the bespoke design products which can be tailor-made to our customers requests. Our comprehensive scope of products range from passenger bus body parts to large scale customized rigs and jigs, and all kinds of metal structures, frames, walls, doors, concrete–mixing plants, construction platforms, steel, aluminum or composites are all our specialty.

So; bend, roll, drill, punch, mill, cut and join……We’ll do it for you!

For the past 50 years , we have been a major contractor supplying all the local bus companies in Hong Kong with reliable bus body parts such as handrails, seats, fuel tanks, exhaust pipes, aesthetic fiberglass body parts and bumper covers. Today, our good quality parts are supplied to the oversea famous public transportation company. WTE’s conscious sense of high quality and standards have always provided our public transport commuters a ‘peace-of-mind’ and a safe ride home.